Fourways Pte Ltd was established in 1974 and have built up company reputation in Singapore’s cleaning industry. With years of experience and knowledge in the business, Fourways aims to help companies manage their premises and facilities when it comes to cleaning, leaving them more time to manage their businesses.
After years, Fourways Pte Ltd constantly strive to improve themselves, keeping up with the latest cleaning techniques and technologies.


As a reputable cleaning service provider, Fourways Pte Ltd aims to help companies manage premises and facilities when it comes to cleaning, leaving customers more time to manage their business. Cleaning inspection is a must for cleaning companies as they need to make sure that the cleaning works went well. However, with so much forms submitted from various location, it wasn’t trackable because the process was not automated. Using paper for so many inspection was costly and time consuming.


A digital inspection form was built in AdeptForms system that aims to automate the entire working process from paper to paperless. Our solution helps Fourways to automate the inspection process, start from filling forms to consolidate the inspection reports for business intelligence.


The implementation of automated system reduces the cost and time needed to finish the cleaning inspection. Cleaners only need to fill and submit the inspection forms from mobile app, then the supervisor finds it easy to check and track the forms from the same centralized system without going directly to the working sites.