The Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild (SPGG) was set up in 1971 as the Guild for SP graduates but has since evolved to welcome graduates from other tertiary institutions as well as corporations. Its well-equipped clubhouse offers a relaxed and friendly environment for business leaders, industry experts and young graduates alike to meet.


Before using AdeptSolutions, the SPGG clubhouse facilities were really disintegrated. Back then, SPGG needs to use pen and paper to record every visitor or even track the coupon that has been issued to the clubhouse members. Every process was slow, lacking of members experience, and creating extra work for the facilitator.


AdeptSolutions installed the video analytics system to support the surveillance system, enables license plate scanning to record visitor, self-serve check-in/out for the members, and automated coupon issuing for the clubhouse facility. SPGG now enjoying the building integration, knowing that all information flow seamlessly to the entire facility with a centralized system. Every process can be done automatically without using paper and pen, makes it easier for recording.


SPGG increased the efficiency and eventually enhance visitor experience. Our solutions eliminate the manual document record and integrate the entire clubhouse building. The clubhouse activity are now fully automated. Every visitor will be recorded by license plate recognition and video analytics, then members can do self-check-in/out. The coupon issuing is integrated with members record and is faster to issue the members coupon.