Direct Services Pte Ltd is a cleaning company that incorporated on 25 June 2013. For years, Direct Services has been operating as general cleaning services company, except households (including cleaning of public areas and janitorial services).


As a general cleaning services company, cleaners of Direct Services Pte Ltd often work at public areas and as janitorial which means cleaning the places that have been used by a lot of people, especially public toilet or toilet in certain buildings. Company needs to make sure that cleaners clean the places periodically or when it reaches certain condition to keep it clean for people who would use the toilet. However, the manual ways of doing cleaning didn’t support them to perform the cleaning works right on time.


Direct Services install the toilet sensors that we provide, together with alert system from our solution. Now the odour sensor will send the alert to the cleaner to perform the cleaning work when it detects certain smell from the toilet, as well as the people counter. When certain number of people have used the toilet, then the sensor will send alert to cleaner so that the toilet can be cleaned.


The cleaning works become more efficient since Direct Services using automated solution. Cleaners are more responsive whenever certain places need to be cleaned as soon as possible and keep the places clean because they receive an alert from the sensors.