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Easy to Use

Our security officers had to carry out many equipment and papers for reporting from their sites. It was even difficult for us to track the reports. Now, we only need a mobile app which is easy-to-use and easy to carry anywhere we go. We are able track our incident report easily as it allows us to submit a report in real-time, so the approval can be done faster.

Mr Miya San - Kyowa Security Guard & General Services Pte Ltd

Track the Issue Faster

Before automating our club, we had to use pen and paper to record every visitors or even track the coupon that has been issued to our members. After implementing the solution we are able to record visitors automatically or track the issued coupons faster! Everything become simpler and more efficient for us.

Mr Loon - Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild

Record Visitor Accurately

Before using automation, we had to record the visitors of the condo manually with paper and pen, and had difficulty to monitor the condo. After using AdeptForms solution to automate our condo, we are able to record every visitor accurately with License Plate Recognition and self-serve for check-in/out.

Mr Eric - E-Confidential Security Management LLP