E-Confidential Security Management LLP was established in December 2009 and has been receiving many awards since then. E-Confidential Security is focusing in providing the best services for customers and providing licensed and trained security officers to Hotel, Commercial, Residential and Industrial establishments.


Security officers of E-Confidential Security that work on Hotel, Commercial, Residential, and Industrial establishments, have to record the buildings visitors by paper and pen. The process took time and it can’t guarantee the accuracy. Moreover, the security system in those places are not automated and it brought extra work for the agency and security officers to check on the entire building and report it to the central command.


With our License Plate Recognition, E-Confidential Security finds it easier to manage the visitors because the system automatically record every visitor that driving in/out of the buildings. The self-service also installed on the working sites so the process of checking-in/out can be done instantly and recorded automatically. We also automate the condominium and makes it easier for them to check and maintain the security of the buildings.


Without paper and pen, the visitor management can be done more efficiently and accurately. The automated system in the condominium and visitor management reduce the human errors that might occur on the work process and eventually E-Confidential Security improving their customers’ satisfaction in using their security services.